The History of Wedding Cakes

The pictured wedding cake is believed to have been made in 1898. Originally white, it has now browned with age and is said to still have a moist rich fruit cake inside. Source:

Explore Paris, the city of Love..

The capital and largest city of France has been called 'the city of lights', 'the fashion capital of the world', and of course, 'the city of love'. It is one of the world's most popular city destinations, one of the most romantic places in the world, and has a lot of must-see places.

Colour Inspiration: All that Glitters IS Gold

Today's inspiration comes from the colour of the sunrise - gold. Gold is a colour of many delights and can with just about any colour.

Oscar De La Renta - Spring 2013

I love Oscar de la Renta. I think his designs are a celebration of the woman's form, and are synonymous with effortless elegance.

DIY Cheap and Chic Pretty Centerpieces

We love this DIY Cheap and Chic Pretty Centerpieces. This easy beautiful centerpiece will work great with any colourful bloom...

Done this already? Share your pics with us in the comments...

Do you know a Groomzilla?

We all know bridezilla - the evil, pushy, overbearing bride who wants everything about her wedding to be perfect even if she has to shed the blood of friends, family members, and vendors. Rumour has it, that most brides give off a little whiff of that evil magic now and then, but who ever heard of the groom going gaga over the floral arrangements?

Well, say hello to groomzilla. Formerly a species restricted only to the ladies in the wedding gowns, this variety of wedding evil is blessed with more testosterone than sense, and is popping up at the most embarrassing of moments.

LOVE by Vera Wang - An Exclusive Diamond Ring Collection

If you haven't quite found that perfect engagement ring, Vera Wang may be able to help.

The Christos Spring 2013 Collection

CHRISTOS was established by Cyprus-born designer Christos Yiannakou. After heading his collection for over 20 years, he retired in 2005, leaving Amsale at the helm of the CHRISTOS collection.

Love it or Hate it - Cinderalla Shoes for the Princess in You

These limited edition shoes by Christian Louboutin were designed to honor of Walt Disney’s release of the "Cinderella" Diamond Edition on Blu-ray disc this fall. The fairy-tale-inspired shoe was on display for the first time on the 4th of July in Paris.

Love it or Hate it?

Am I In the Right Relationship?

Dear Sugar,

My boyfriend and I have known each other for about 8 years now but just started dating about 3 months ago, we were school mates and haven't been in touch since we left school. He found me on Facebook and we started dating from there.

Too Sexy for a Wedding?

Not too long ago, my BFF was planning her wedding. She wanted the day to be special but with so much 'input' coming from her fiancé, her parents, her siblings, and his parents, she let go of everything except the decision on what her wedding dress would look like.

Champagne Brunch with The Wedding Guru in Abuja [pics]

The Wedding Guru recently hosted an event tagged 'Champagne Brunch with The Wedding Guru'. This was a fun event that was set up in the style of a girls day out with chats and entertainment over cocktails, great food and champagne.

Colour Inspiration: Shades of Green

Green is a many varied colour. Sometimes, it can get confusing. When you say green, what shade of green do you mean? In this article, We have two very similar shades of green to consider.

Thereto I plight Thee my Troth

I got married two years ago, and my husband and I exchanged traditional vows from The Book of Common Prayer.

Inkhearts Studio Launch [Pics]

Inkhearts, a full service design studio, recently launched the opening of their new studio space in Parkview, Ikoyi.