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How To Make Your Honeymoon A Memorable One

After the grand wedding ceremony comes, the honeymoon! Most couples are usually very excited about this "Just The Two Of Us" moment. Little wonder why couples put a lot of effort in ensuring they have a romantic honeymoon and a memorable one. However, with all the effort, some honeymoon may not turn out extra special for one or two reasons. Here are some tips to help you achieve an extra special honeymoon.

1. Plan ahead
Do a proper research on places that you can both visit and make sure you pick a location and pick activities that you will both enjoy.

Spice Up Your Intimacy With These 6 Aphrodisiacs

There's always a natural remedy for most circumstances, especially for your intimate life; aphrodisiacs in food and drink, have been known to stimulate sexual desire.

Care Tips For Your Skin During Rainy Season

Rainy season is such a refreshing season that literally allows you forget all about your skin care routines. However, do not be deceived there are bacterias all around and you have to be aware of the infection it can bring to your skin. Therefore, come rain: come sunshine, you have to take care of your skin. Here are some tips on how to care for your skin during the rainy season.

• Rainy season makes the skin dehydrated; hence the skin must be well moisturised to keep it healthy.

Jewellery That Your Bridesmaids Would Want To Wear

Have you ever been a bridesmaid and ended up throwing out your whole outfit after the wedding simply because you didn’t like it?

Love Story: From Pre- School to Pre-Wedding to Wedding

We get all muchy reading love stories especially stories with special bound and relationships that has withstood the test of time and distance.

Tips on How to Live Peacefully With Your In-Laws

Over the years, living with an in-law has not been an easy one and as such people try as much as possible to avoid this situation. However, people still find themselves in this situation due to diverse reasons.
If you fall into the category of living with your in-law, you need to put in the right efforts to ensure you live peacefully. Below are tips on how to live peacefully with your in-laws.

1.    Set boundaries

5 Celebrity Wedding Trends

You may think you’ve got the best idea ever after cutting out pictures from wedding magazines and filling out your wedding vision board but sometimes picking ideas for your wedding can leave you co

5 Ways To Care for Your Hair During Rainy Season

The rainy season is upon us, and it is very much welcome because of the cool and fresh breeze it brings as against the hot, sunny weather.
As much as this season brings relief, this season also presents a certain risk to the hair which is as a result of increased moisture. The scalp and hair attract more dirt and pollutants which make the hair dirty which could lead to hair loss and other hair related problems.
Hence, it is important you follow these preventive measures to avoid these hair related problems during the rainy season.

10 Things You Should Expect Once You Get Engaged.

Every lady looks forward to when their prince charming will pop the "big" question. Little wonder why we get a lot of drama at proposals. A critical phase a recently engaged couple would experience is the answering questions and sieving opinions period. As such you should prepare for some kind and not so pleasant reality after you got the ring on your finger.

Here are some things you should expect after your proposal

White Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

It is possible to have an all-white bridal train without being ‘upstaged’ by your favourite girls on your wedding day.

5 Reasons to Call Off a Wedding.

Having anticipated that big day you will say " I do", after many months of planning and resources gone into planning, who would ever think of calling off their wedding?
Here are five reasons to stop a wedding. These are not yardsticks to call off a wedding, but from our research, these are some of the factors that could lead to it.

1.    Health.

5 Easy Ways To Care For Your Skin

Let’s face the truth; the recession has taken over everything. Some of us don’t have the luxury or the time to go for a special skin treatment. Therefore, what we need are the basic ways we can care for our skin to enable it to look radiant and also glow without spending so much.

Here are the easy ways to care for your skin without breaking the bank.

1.    Protect yourself from the sun.

5 Things To Do After Getting Engaged

It is possible to get so excited that you become flustered and confused after your engagement. It’s time to put on your big girl panties and make the best of your life to come! Here are five things that you should do immediately after getting engaged:

Inform Your Inner Circle

Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

Every couple looks forward to a beautiful wedding ceremony after spending months and even years planning.
The wedding industry has grown so much that having a wedding planner is not so much of a luxury anymore but a necessity if you plan to have a stress free event.

Here are some reasons it is important to hire a wedding planner.

To help with budgeting
Wedding planners would help work within your budget. They would be able to offer ideas and suggestions on the type of event that would suit your budget.