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5 Explosive Topics That Create Tension Between Engaged Couples

We all know that when it’s almost time to walk down the aisle, a series of fights may just materialise out of touchy topics. Wedding planning and decision-making on future living plans are the first breeding grounds for tension and fights between couples. To pre-empt some of these tensions from being raised, its best to engage in regular heartfelt conversations where couples can build their levels of spiritual and emotional intimacy. Here are five explosive topics that could create tension between engaged couples:

The Guest List

Signs That Show You Are In An Unhappy Relationship

Several things could suggest an unhappy relationship and the earlier it is identified, the better for both parties to either work on the issues or say a good bye. Everyone deserves the best in life. One should never stay in an unhappy relationship especially when your life is at risk. 
If these signs listed below sound familiar, then I suggest it is time to re-evaluate your relationship and make a decision.

-    You do not enjoy spending time with your partner

What’s a Nigerian Wedding Party Without…?

Have you ever imagined a Lagos without weddings and the stationary Saturday traffic from Ozumba Mbadiwe to Water Corporation Drive? The hustle and bustle of weddings are bittersweet; we are subjected to inevitable annoyance and sudden bursts of happiness. Living and working in this country means that it will be relatively easy to complete the question glaring at you in the line above.  Really though, what’s a Nigerian wedding party without:

Small Chops

Fostering A Fanastic Relationship With Your In-Laws

One of the most important factors that determine the success and longevity of your marriage is the way you relate with your in-laws. Most couples find it difficult to relate with their in-laws and as such this has a way of affecting their relationship with their spouse. Therefore there is a need to take deliberate steps towards fostering a good relationship with your in-laws.

1.    Take out time to know them

How To Make Extra Money After Your Wedding

Let’s face it, going through the motions of planning a wedding and walking down the aisle will give you enough project management experience to start your own business. With all the money spent to make your day the best, here are a few avenues you could use to get them back:

Write a Book

Things You Should Do While Single

Only a few people realize the benefits attached to being single. They see singleness as a period of loneliness. Some fail to realize that this stage means discovery and as such there are so many things you can afford to do. So while you are still single make sure you utilize this stage of your life by taking time out to do the following things below.

-    Travel

6 Wedding Budget Hacks To Help You Save

Most couples have now learnt to make budgets for their wedding which generally act as a guide to their expenses, even though they aren’t strict with it. There are many areas that are often overlooked when trying to save up on the cost of supplies, decorations, entertainment and even clothing. Here are some wedding budget hacks to help you save a lot of money on your big day:


Secrets to Marital Bliss

Everyone admires a happy relationship, and we all wish to have one. However, it goes beyond admiring and longing to have a happy relationship. It takes a whole lot of effort to achieve this. Some of these efforts which are invested into the relationship are the hidden truth you hardly hear.  Here are some of those hidden truths no one tells you about a happy relationship.

-    They learn from mistakes

5 Ways to Calm your Nerves on Your Wedding Day

The most important day in your life could also be the most stressful day you’ve ever experienced; one of such is your wedding day. Brides tend to want to know and see to certain things on their big day and end up being stressed. And at times it’s just an overdose of excitement that makes it so difficult to be calm. ( very Understandable)

However, it is essential for a bride to stay calm and chilled for every reason; it’s your wedding, you don’t want to sit back to check out your wedding pictures and see yourself looking like Cruella de Vil. This is how to;

How to Include and Entertain Children at Weddings

If you’ve chosen to have children at your wedding, that’s awesome. Children love weddings too (I mean, there’s cake!) and their excitement is contagious and uplifting. Now you want to keep them entertained and out of their parents’ hair while the adults enjoy the wedding. Before you give in to nightmares about a little tot toppling over your cake, don’t worry. There’s so much you can do to keep them happy and well-behaved.

Include Them in the Ceremony

6 Wedding Hacks That Couples Should Know

Wedding hacks are the ultimate shortcuts or ease-givers you need for proper planning, entertainment and the ultimate execution of your event. They may not necessarily save you money, but they will save time and alleviate some stress related to planning your wedding. Here are six wedding hacks that you should know about:

Wedding Cake

4 Annoying Habits That a Bride Should Drop!

The journey to becoming a “Mrs.” could be made relatively easier, but sometimes the wedding buzz takes over the show, altering our financial and emotional mannerisms. Here are four annoying habits that a bride should drop:

Being unnecessarily cheap

Happy Independence Day Nigeria!!!

It's fifty seven years today since Nigeria got her independence and yes we are excited. We are not where we want to be but we are happy we are making gradual progress. To celebrate independence, here are 10 interesting facts about Nigeria.

Disney Launches New Range of Wedding Dresses

It seems the traditional white coloured wedding gown is gradually taking a back seat. Brides are getting daring with colour blends and Disney just made this easier.

Reception Dress Inspiration: Jewel Tones

It is now the custom for brides to change into a reception dress after the wedding ceremony.