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Factors to Consider for a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is a choice for couples who want an intimate wedding
and an adventure. Destination weddings are a trend in Nigeria, and will
continue to be a popular choice especially for celebrity couples tying the

Below is a list of factors to consider:

For more help deciding, also check out our detailed Pros and Cons to destination weddings


Mistakes to Avoid When Marrying from another Ethnic Group

Gone are the days when interethnic marriages were strongly discouraged.
These days, people are starting to marry whomever they please and only a
few families still stubbornly tell their children not to marry from other
ethnic groups or tribes as it’s sometimes called.

Marriage though has its challenges. Differences in culture and tradition
between marriage mates can potentially add more.

Why Do Couples Over-reach their Budget?

Have you ever had that one friend that wanted a full Alice in Wonderland
wedding reception with all the sparkle and shine but was being cheap about
absolutely everything? The logical thing would be to cut down on the
extras, but unfortunately, there are some reasons why people won’t just
back down. Here are few reasons that explain why couples over-reach their
budget, opting for more expensive experiences they can barely afford:

Keeping Up with the Joneses

5 Things That Change After You Get Married

Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and it is a beautiful thing. Once you
have signed those dotted notes, get ready for a change. These changes are
for good, and you should be able to embrace some of them for a peaceful

Here are the things that change once you get married.

- You spending habits become transparent

How to Pick the Best Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day

A lot of thinking should go into picking a Makeup Artist (MUA) for your
wedding day because it’s not just a game of eeny-meeny-miny-mo. Here’s a
guide to help you choose a makeup artist for your special day:


The Ultimate Guide to Being the Perfect Lagos Wedding Guest!

Have you surfed Instagram lately? November is a mere warm-up for the
festivities that somehow materialise every day in the month of December.
Being in Lagos in December will turn your sorrow to joy because the amount
of unprecedented fun flows like an ever-running fountain. The wedding and
event hashtags are the funniest but will be sure to keep you on your toes
as you aim to become the perfect wedding guest that Lagos has to offer at
#TITI17 or #THEJONESEFFECT17. However, if you have found yourself stuck at

Review of Mai Atafo's The Heart Bridal Collection

Our first reaction when we saw Mai Atafo’s The Heart Collection was a
collective gasp. The dresses took us back to our childhood when princesses

Things to Consider when Creating a Wedding Budget

Planning your perfect wedding on a budget can be stressful, especially for
couples who don’t know how to create a wedding budget. There are factors to
consider and steps to follow. To help you out, here’s a handy guide to
creating a wedding budget.

How much do you really need for the wedding?

How to Create a Wedding Emergency Kit

No matter how much you plan for your big day, there is a probability that
some things might fall out of place. Unforeseen things can happen such as a
change in the weather condition, your gown zipper might go bad etc.
Therefore, there is a need to have a wedding emergency kit that will help
sort out the problem before it spoils your mood. Make sure it includes:

Medical mini emergency kit

The Do's and Don'ts of Creating Your Wedding Website

A wedding website is an avenue whereby couples share everything from their
ceremony details to their love story with their guests. Creating a wedding
website can be overwhelming because you have to decide on the amount of
information you plan on sharing.

But, most importantly, a wedding website serves as a guide for your wedding
guests. Below are helpful dos and don'ts for creating your wedding website.

Basic Information

Wedding Colour Inspiration: Teal and Copper

Trying to decide on wedding colours this season? Try teal and copper. Teal
is a gorgeous blue-green shade that is for some reason under the radar for

How to Choose Your Wedding Date

Choosing the right wedding date can be a bit of work because you need to
find one that fits into your schedule and that of your loved ones. You also
have to consider your budget, the season of the year and other factors. The
wedding date must fall in place with your plans to ensure things turn out
beautiful on that day.

Below are things you should consider before choosing your wedding date.

How long will the engagement last?

5 Don'ts For Wedding Guest Behaviour

December is fast approaching and wedding season is upon us! Every couple getting married expects their guests to be of reasonably good behaviour. Unfortunately, not all guests are perfect. Here are five things that wedding guests should avoid this season:

Don’t bring extra guests

Beach Pre-Wedding Shoot Inspiration

The beach is a great place to have your pre-wedding shoot. First and most obvious, it is beautiful. Blue sea, waves, sand, open sky – it’s a gorgeous backdrop.