Are You Having An Instagram- Famous Wedding?

We are on the verge of 2017 and in the middle of a growing social media craze, where no dip is foreseeable in the near future. Instagram is one social network where people get to share their lives, interests, talents and even advertise their business.

It’s no surprise that a bride or groom would want to share precious moments from their wedding with friends and family on social media but somehow, the wedding industry has monopolised and monetised the use of social media creating a buzz that would seemingly give your wedding “society status”.

15 Alternatives To A Conventional Wedding Cake

The traditional wedding cake with three or more tiers may not be every couple’s forte. Here are 15 alternatives to a conventional wedding cake:

1 Cupcake Pyramid

The One Wedding Vow We Often Forget

For many of us we often have it at the back of our minds that the traditional wedding vow should mostly be "for better, for worse", "for richer, for poorer", "in sickness and in health" and of course "till death us do part", but there is one that people tended to forget.

What is it? "To love and to cherish".

"Cherish" – it is a funny, rather old-fashioned word isn't it? You're unlikely to hear it mentioned much outside a wedding service. But it is a key ingredient in a healthy marriage and one we would do well not to forget.

6 Signs You Have A Toxic Bridesmaid

Bridesmaids are simply the best. They'll keep you sane through the wedding planning process, and even help you pee in that wedding dress (yes, seriously!).

That's not to say there won't be a few bumps on the bridesmaid road, but an ideal 'maid is there to support you and not stir up trouble. But, if one does... she may be a toxic bridesmaid. Here's how to know.

1. She's bad mouthing your partner.

5 Wedding Themes To Look Out For In 2017

We have practically reached the end of 2016 and it seems like the 2016 wedding themes have all been done.  Do you want to be different and have a wedding to remember?

5 Steps To Giving A Sweet And Unforgettable Maid Of Honor Speech

So your best friend or your sweet sister is getting married and she picked you to be her maid of honor.

7 Bachelor Party Ideas

Its cliché to assume that a Bachelor party must always involve the strip club, naked girls, alcohol and loose change.

Twin Bridal Inspiration

We are pleased to share with you this lovely bridal inspiration with the gorgeous twins.


Accessories @mdp_accessories

Makeup @beautizeal

5 Ways To Keep Your Energy As A Pregnant Bride

Pregnancy can be quite challenging because of the different changes in one’s body due to hormonal change. To top up the whole stress you are getting married as a pregnant bride!

Photos From Sandra & Tunbosun's Traditional Wedding

We are pleased to share this couple's pictures from their traditional wedding.


Mua : @osewa_makeover

Photo : @ts.imagery_events

7 Ideas For Throwing A Great Gatsby Themed Party

The great Gatsby theme is gaining popularity with bridal showers and even shopping parties.

Photos From Kemi & Adewale's Pre Wedding Shoot & White Wedding.

We are so pleased to share the beautiful pictures from Queen Kemi & Her Prince charming, Ade's pre wedding shoot and their white wedding. 

Conratulations to the beautiful couple.

Photos From Oluwakemi & Olubukola's Traditional Wedding

We are pleased to share this couple's beautiful pictures from their traditional wedding.


10 Foods To Avoid The Week Before Your Wedding

    Your wedding dress fits, your skin is co-operating, D-day is almost here – the last thing you want is to jinx it and become a bloated or pimply bride.