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Wedding Planning Timeline Every Couple Should Follow

Weddings can be a lot of work for couples. That's why it's best to
plan it the right way. A lot of people do not even know that there's a

5 Gorgeous Wedding Makeup Looks

The makeup industry has evolved over the years, and many more individuals
are going into this business. The evolution of the makeup industry has led

Progressing In Your Career After Marriage

As a career coach and a medical doctor, I speak to people who have had to
put their careers on hold for a spouse, partner, and a relationship or to
raise a family. We all know starting a family and having kids’ can be
daunting. No one has said it is an easy thing to do but it is being done
and not just being done, it is being done alongside career progression.

Wedding Shoe Mistakes To Avoid

Your wedding shoes are as important as your wedding dress and deserve a lot
of attention. Picking the wrong pair of wedding shoes will make you feel
uncomfortable and may ruin the entire day for you. On the other hand,
choosing the perfect shoes will give you the opportunity to party through
the day and dance the night away.

Here are serious mistakes you should avoid with your wedding shoes.

Avoid shoes that don’t belong to your style

Staying Fit After Marriage


People get comfortable exchanging vows, celebrating the fact that they have ended up with the love of the lives, but then ignoring certain things that could keep that relationship as fresh as at the start.

5 Skin Care Tips for Surviving Harmattan

Harmattan is easily the driest season of the year in this part of the
world; there’s usually a cold, dusty breeze every morning followed by an
unpleasant bout of the hottest sun. If you have stayed in Nigeria anytime
from December to February, you know the chapped lips and dry elbows are
about to get real followed by an ultimate heat wave. Here are five skin
care tips for surviving the Harmattan season.

Hydrate: Drink Up!

6 Questions Not to Ask a Newly Engaged Couple

Engagements are exciting, but it is best to let this excitement be enjoyed
intimately between the couple before the wind of assorted questions from
friends and family blow them away prematurely. One may think he or she can
ask any question because of family ties or friendship, but it may not
always be appropriate to do so; they are probably basking in the “just got
engaged” air. Here are six questions not to ask a newly engaged couple:

When are you getting married?

Chic and comfortable wedding foot wear

Comfort is everything. As a bride, you need to be comfortable on your
wedding day and still look beautiful. Remember that your wedding is a whole

Rings: The Rules of Engagement

You’re probably at that stage in your relationship where it may be taken to
the next level, or not. Either way, you may be presented with a ring one
day, and you would have to learn a thing or two about diamonds and cuts. If
your engagement is not a surprise, here are some pointers your future
husband should know when he takes you shopping for that perfect ring:

The Shape

Checklist For Hiring Your Wedding MC

A wedding MC is in charge of coordinating your wedding reception, making
sure the wedding reception runs as scheduled. A good MC has to stay in
control and remember precisely what should be going on at every step of
your wedding day. Also, a wedding MC sometimes takes care of any unforeseen
incidents during the reception.

Basically, a wedding MC plays a vital role at weddings. That’s why it’s
essential to have a checklist before hiring a mc for your wedding.

Your budget

Bridal Nails: Designs and Ideas

Nails are an essential accessory for a bride for her big day. In fact, you
can rarely see a bride show up on her wedding day without getting herself a

Beauty Tips for Brides

Dear bride-to-be, your wedding day is one of the days you are allowed to
make a big statement. It is a day to look exceptionally beautiful.

You should bring your A-game for that special day and don’t give room for a
guest to outshine you. Prepare yourself for your wedding day by following
these beauty tips listed below.

- Get in shape

Most Affordable Places to Have a Wedding Reception

So, it turns out that you're planning the event of your life and you need a venue.
However, you just realized how much you'll spend: photographer, food,

How to Have an Awesome Family Vacation

Travelling with kids is a different experience entirely and it can be quite
stressful. The stress can hinder one from enjoying an otherwise wonderful
vacation. Below are pointers on how to make your next family holiday

Courtship: Three Amazing Facts about Courtship You Never Knew

So, you’re planning to get married to that amazing person in your life.
However, both of you haven’t really had the time to “understand each other