Tips to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Photograper

If your turn-up game is tight, you should love weddings. Weddings are beautiful and fun occasions that most people look forward to.  It is a day filled with wonderful moments that you would love to keep the memories alive.
One of the best ways to document your wedding is to take pictures. It is important you consider these tips before hiring a photographer to capture your big day.

1.    Do your research

Some Wedding Traditions… Explained!

Most people have been able to attend weddings or even get married and go through every tradition without really knowing why they perform certain rites. How much do you really know about weddings and being a bride? If you are reading this article, you are in luck because it’s your chance to learn about the origin of some popular wedding traditions!
Here are a few wedding traditions explained:

Kissing the bride

Wedding Trend: Drip Wedding Cakes

Drip wedding cakes are such a nice trend and well worth all the craze and attention they’re getting.

8 Simple Steps to Plan an Engagement Party

A lot of people in this part of the world don’t throw engagement parties because they focus on having the traditional introduction ceremony where the families of the couple meet formally at the bride’s home. Engagement parties may be of Western flavour, but they are fun and present a chance to bond with your nearest and dearest who would not have otherwise attended your introduction ceremony. Engagement parties can be intimate with a few people or larger with the whole bridal train, family and a few co-workers.
Here are eight simple steps you need to plan an engagement party:

How T0 Measure Your Ring Size At Home

Ever wondered about your ring size? You would not believe how easy it is to measure your ring size accurately, in just a few minutes, in the comfort of your home. We can think of several ways you can put this knowledge to good use:

1.    Tell all your friends your ring size and tell them they better help out your significant other (now or in the future) when he’s going ring-shopping. Might as well tell them the kind of ring you like while you’re at it.

Easy Tips On Keeping Your Kitchen Clean Always

A clean kitchen aside being beneficial to one's health, also makes cooking more attractive. However, getting to clean the kitchen after a delicious meal can be so stressful, but you really have to clean it up. Here are few tips to make the cleaning process easier.

1.     Pick a convenient spot to prepare the ingredients for your meals.

Wedding Gift Inspiration For Newlyweds

Wedding gifts don’t always have to be kitchen appliances or utensils; it’s time to think more about the personality and interests of the couple you are buying the gift for and fund an experience fo

Natural Hair Wedding Inspiration

People with kinky or curlier natural hair can benefit from the versatility of being able to manipulate their hair in different styles.

Things To Consider Before You Remarry

Marriage is meant to last for a life time. However, there are some circumstances or situation that occurs that makes things end.  These things could be the death of a spouse, divorce due to unreconciliable issues like domestic violence amongst all other reasons.
After all these, you discover you are back to the single life again, and perhaps you still look forward to getting married someday. Thus, there are factors to consider before remarrying because a second or third marriage can be quite difficult especially when children are involved.

Natural Remedies For Getting Rid Of Acne Scars

The aftermath of acne on one’s skin can be quite unpleasant. As a result of this; most acne sufferers make use of different chemical moisturizer and medication to get rid of the scar in order to have a smooth looking skin.
However, in as much these chemical moisturizers lead to a good result, they also have side effects for the skin. Therefore, it is best you make use of a natural solution in getting rid of the scar.
Below are the natural remedies that help to remove acne scar.

•    Coconut oil

Interesting Wedding Facts That You Don’t Know

Living in Nigeria and getting married traditionally will expose you to a lot of new traditions that you may not have known even as a local but there are so many traditions that we are equally unexposed to by not researching other cultures and ways of life outside the country. Here are some interesting wedding facts that you don’t know:

For Good Luck
•    The Hindu regard rain as good luck on their wedding days
•    The Egyptians pinch brides on their wedding days for good luck
•    Throwing peas at newlyweds is a tradition of the Czech

5 African-Inspired Wedding Traditions

We may have tribal wedding traditions in Nigeria, each of them important and unique in their own right but how much do we know about other African- inspired traditions around the world? Thinking of marrying an African- American or even a Ghanaian? Here are five African- inspired wedding traditions you should know about:

Jumping The Broom

SQUAD GOALS: Picking Your ‘BEST GIRLS’ For Your Bridal Train

Choosing your bridesmaids is one of the first decisions about your wedding that you make, sometimes before you even know who you’re going to marry! Your bridesmaids are your support system, your front line, your squad and your hype men. Being a bridesmaid is exactly like having a job- responsibilities, sacrifices and expenses- with no reimbursement except your happiness and gratitude.

Smart Ways To Spend Less For Your Big day

In Nigeria, a wedding ceremony is a big deal and as such lots of money are spent to make the day beautiful and memorable. Some individuals even go the extent of going into debt to ensure they have a glamorous occasion.

On the other hand, there are some set of people that cannot afford to spend lavishly on a wedding due to various reasons best known to them. Hence, these sets of individuals are in search of ways to save cost for their wedding. If you fall into the category, below are smart ways to save cost for your big day.

8 Unusual Wedding Favour Ideas

Are you tired of seeing towels and plastic hand fans given out at weddings? The change begins with you!