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Weird Wedding Facts - Traditional Shoe Thieves In India

In parts of India the groom is required to take off his shoes before approaching the wedding altar. As soon as he does this mayhem ensues. This is a sign for battle to begin.

Everyone from the groom’s side of the family is expected to protect the shoe as the bride’s family tries to steal it.

If the bride’s family succeeds in their endeavor, then the groom ultimately has to pay a ransom to get them back.

If you want to imagine the scene, think of a rugby match with 300 people on each team. LOL! 


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Credit : 

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Photos From Mariam & Her Prince Charming's Pre Wedding Shoot

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Credit :

Makeup by @dohyinashekun 

dress by @threadsncolours 

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Photos From Omotolani And Her Prince Charming's Pre Wedding Shoot

We are pleased to share with you these lovely pictures of this beautiful couple.

Credit :

MUA: @n_protouch

Photography : @evi_photography

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