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Fun Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day If You Are Single

Valentine’s is that time of the year when singles know there will be no
cake or chocolates, and even the sight of strawberries reminds you of being

How to Spot a Wedding Crasher

Wedding crashers are usually easy to spot in most cases because there is
always something odd about them. Sometimes, however, an uninvited guest may

Romantic Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for ideas for a romantic Valentine's date with your
significant other? Don’t worry, we are here to think outside the box for

Unique Aso Oke Combinations for 2018

The Yoruba ethnic group is well known for their elegant aso oke attire. It
is a true classic, but in 2018, aso oke combinations are coming out in the

6 Wedding Day Disasters to Avoid

No matter how much you prepare, there is always the underlying phobia of
having an unexpected, unplanned wedding disaster. It’s a valid concern, but
if you have the right bearing on it, you can avoid it with little stress.
So, here are six common wedding day disasters and how you can avoid them:

Bad Weather

How to Deal With an Unruly Wedding Guest

Weddings are supposed to be all joy and fun. However, there is usually a
reality check when someone appears and is bent on ruining your wedding by
creating a scene. If you’re planning on getting married soon, you have to
prepare to deal with unruly guests, especially because you cannot predict
how people will act at your wedding.

There are many ways you can deal quickly with the situation before it

Use your seating list as an advantage

Tips for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

It’s your wedding day soon, and everything is on check except your wedding
vows. It may have seemed easy when you decided to write your own. In fact,
you have this vivid imagination of reading the most beautiful piece and
your spouse blushing with love, maybe even shedding a few tears. However,
this is where reality is entirely different. You can’t seem to get the vows
you want on paper! Let’s help you with that. Here are tips to help you
write your wedding vows.

Get ideas from other vows

How to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Pictures

You’ve made all the plans to look spectacular on your wedding day:
beautiful wedding dress and accessories; makeup artist and hair stylist

5 Factors to Consider Before Inviting Your Ex to Your Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you get
share it with people who matter to you. You're just wondering if it's okay to
send an invitation to your ex. Before you invite your ex to your wedding,
there are some things you should consider:

You’re Not Spiteful

Unconventional Pre- Wedding Shoot Ideas

You know those pictures that you take before your wedding to announce that
indeed, plans are underway for the ceremony? You have to nail those photos.

How to Say No to Being A Bridesmaid

Were you asked to be a bridesmaid and you want to say NO, but don’t know
how to? What if you agreed to a bridesmaid but somewhere along the line,
found yourself regretting it? As we approach the month of February, get
ready for lots of proposals after which you may be invited to be a
bridesmaid. That’s right folks- it’s a never-ending cycle of wedding season
transitioning to engagement season. This article encourages us to say No
when we have to in the most acceptable ways possible. Here’s how to say No

The Wedding Party 2 Reviews - Should you see it?

The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai was probably the most anticipated
Nollywood movie ever. The success of The Wedding Party 1 and then the real
life engagement and marriage of the lead characters Banky W and Adesua
Etomi fuelled the fever for The Wedding Party 2.

Dealing with the Pressure of Planning a Wedding.

Wedding bells are ringing, and you have loads to do. Plans are kicking in,
but the pressure is also building up. Families are sharing their opinions,
but you have yours too. It may seem overwhelming but how do you handle the
pressure as it builds up?

Few tips that can help:

Bridal Lingerie Ideas for Your Honeymoon

The time is right and the mood is set. Immediately after your wedding, your
honeymoon begins at a beautiful location you both chose. It is always an

Wedding Night Tips for Virgin Brides

Every woman looks forward to her wedding night, and for virgin brides, the
anticipation is even more. There could be a mix of excitement and fear. It
is okay to be occupied with thoughts of what sex for the first time will be
like, but there’s no need to worry. Once you know what to expect, your
first time can be nice and pleasurable.

Be calm