Top Honeymoon Destinations For 2017

After a stressful period of planning a dream wedding and a more stressful wedding day, every new couple needs to get at least some days off to relax and get re-energized to start their journey of f

4 Awesome Things About Singlehood

You love to have a beautiful love story and settle down with that special someone, but you are yet to find that one person that will make you feel like 'you're the only girl/boy in the world'.

6 Relationship Spoilers You Should Avoid

Why do people break up? As much as every relationship is different, it turns out that there are similar key reasons for every breakup. These reasons also known as 'relationship spoilers' are the cause of a lot of couples split. Here are six relationship spoilers you should avoid like a plague
1. Cheating
Infidelity is such a deal breaker because it leaves the one cheated on feeling unloved, betrayed, angry and hurt. Cheating and lying are conjoined twins, so efforts to patch things up are not always successful. 

The Money Talk: 8 Things You Must Discuss Before Getting Married

It is common knowledge that you may not fully know your spouse until you start living together but it's best to reduce the number of surprises you may encounter before getting married.
Talking about money may not be as easy as other pre-marital topics, but you and your future spouse will do yourself some good by picking a date to have the money talk.
Here are eight things you must discuss before getting married:

5 Common Wedding Pet Peeves And How To Avoid Them

There is no couple on earth who would not want their guests to have a blast at their wedding or to enjoy their special day.
Unfortunately, there are little things (pet peeves) that add up to irk you on your wedding day. Check out five common wedding pet peeves and how to avoid them:

8 Tips On How To Remain Celibate

A lot of people decide to consciously abstain from sexual relations usually before marriage for religious, health or personal reasons. The journey may be difficult for those who embrace it as a lifestyle change, but it is not impossible. Surrounding yourself with positive energy and engaging in mentally- stimulating practices will help you in this season.
Here are eight tips that you will find extremely useful in your journey of celibacy:

Bride to Wife; How To Enjoy Going From Miss to Mrs

Don't get it twisted the change from being a girlfriend to being a wife is drastic. The responsibilities are enormous, but in all of this, you can enjoy yourself while transitioning into a wifey like a pro. Here are seven tips you should keep close to your heart as you take the new title; 
Be realistic about your expectations

12 Weird Wedding Facts

We all love weddings, and this explains why weddings are well celebrated around the world. Each wedding ceremony is different depending on the customs and traditions that apply.
Therefore what each custom and tradition demands may appear weird to different people around the world. Here are some weird wedding facts that will leave your jaw dropped! 

Event Planner, Yvonne Akpomedaye Launches New Event Management Book

On the 5th of March 2017, guests walked into the Banquet Hall at NAF Conference Centre, Abuja for a Red Carpet and Cocktail evening to celebrate Yvonne Akpomedaye's

For Men: When To Pop the Big Question

Experts agree that there is no particular time when you should pop the big question to the woman you love, but there are few signs that you should look out for to know when to pop the question. Here are certain things that should be well defined before you say those words " Will You Marry Me?"

You both have a long term plan
You and your girl have been futuristic minded. You both have made a long-term plan that works well for both of you, and you seem to be on the same page when important things such as career, children, and family are mentioned.

Extension-Free Wedding Hairstyles

Hello Ladies, if you’ve been looking for a beautiful bridal hair that you can do without adding weaves/extensions, it's your lucky day because we’ve compiled some no-tracks hair inspiration for you

7 Things To Keep In Mind When Selecting Your Wedding Venue

It goes without saying that your wedding has to be perfect. Your choice of venue should not be compromised because the venue may ultimately determine every other detail you wish to incorporate into your wedding. Here are seven things to keep in mind when selecting a wedding venue

1. Number of Guests

If you plan on having a thousand guests at your wedding, do not choose a venue that can accommodate only eight-hundred guests. Chances are everyone may start to feel claustrophobic; it’s your wedding, not a club launch

2. Parking

5 Ways to End a Relationship and Remain Friends

Relationships are meant to be cherished; no one wants to see the end of a relationship when it starts. The butterflies want to be felt forever, but sometimes the end of a relationship is inevitable. Most people never want to hear or even speak about their ex. This basically depends on how things evolved.

Spark Up the Lost Flame in Your Relationship

At the initial stage of every normal romantic relationship, the "butterflies in the tummy" moments seem endless. The couple will be so much into each other, attend different occasions together and even at that; they won't be able to get enough of each other.